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John A. Moran Eye Center Enhances Education with New Eye Surgery Simulator

Beginning in September, ophthalmology residents at the John A. Moran Eye Center will have the unique opportunity to acquire specific surgical skills prior to caring for patients in a clinic setting. With generous donations, Moran Eye Center was able to purchase a state-of-the-art eye surgery simulator to help enhance education and training programs.

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Troubled Waters? Rivers May Be Winning

In a new book, University of Utah political science professor and water rights expert Daniel McCool not only chronicles the history of water development agencies in America and the way special interests have abused, rather than preserved, the country’s rivers, he also narrates the second, brighter act in this ongoing story: the surging, grassroots movement to bring these rivers back to life and ensure they remain pristine for future generations.

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When the World Burned Less

In the years after Columbus’ voyage, burning of New World forests and fields diminished significantly – a phenomenon some have attributed to decimation of native populations by European diseases. But a new University of Utah-led study suggests global cooling resulted in fewer fires because both preceded Columbus in many regions worldwide.

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