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Kathleen Digre, Michael Varner Receive 2012 Rosenblatt Prize

Two professors at the University of Utah—Kathleen B. Digre, professor of neurology and ophthalmology, and Michael W. Varner, professor of obstetrics and gynecology—were honored at today’s commencement ceremonies with the Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence, the U’s most prestigious award. The $40,000 gift—which is presented annually to a faculty member who displays excellence in teaching, research and administrative efforts—will be shared for the first time by two individuals. Digre and Varner are also married to one another.

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U Professors Win Innovation and Impact Award

What do neuronal communication devices, insect-inspired body suits that give humans super strength, and a multi-media performance laboratory to encourage intimate experiences through dance, media and technology have in common? Not much, except that each was invented by University of Utah (the U) professors Florian Solzbacher, Stephen Jacobsen and Ellen Bromberg, winners of this year’s Distinguished Innovation and Impact Award (DIIA). The U presents these annual awards at commencement to recognize and honor faculty whose research has made a positive impact on the world.

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University of Utah Students Win $100,000 with Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum dots might be the next big thing in the electronic industry. Scientists are just starting to understand the uses for these manmade, semiconductor nanocrystals. Quantum dots can emit a wider range of light with less energy than existing materials, so many believe they will be used in future generations of solar panels, televisions, cellphones and related products.

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