U Collaborates with Software Company to Train Student Innovators

The University of Utah’s Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute announced a new collaboration with PTC, a global provider of technology solutions that enable businesses to create, operate and service products. The two organizations will provide student entrepreneurs and innovators with PTC software for smart, connected product design and related learning opportunities to help them prepare for real-world jobs. Read More

September, 2014 from the U

Art Returns to the Park Building

One hundred years after the first art gallery on the University of Utah campus opened in the Park Building, art is again to be exhibited there. This new special gallery is devoted to the artistic works of current students, faculty and staff of the U. Read More


Firelight Talk of the Kalahari Bushmen

A University of Utah study of Africa’s Kalahari Bushmen suggests that stories told over firelight helped human culture and thought evolve by reinforcing social traditions, promoting harmony and equality, and sparking the imagination to envision a broad sense of community, both with distant people and the spirit world. Read More


U Engineers Unlock Potential for Faster Computing

University of Utah engineers discovered a way to create a special material – a metal layer on top of a silicon semiconductor – that could lead to cost-effective, superfast computers that perform lightning-fast calculations but don’t overheat. Read More

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U History of Technology Discussed at Conference

On Sept. 26, University of Utah computer scientists will participate in the 62nd Annual Utah State History Conference to discuss the history of a group of scrappy but creative geniuses at the U who were early pioneers in computer technology such as graphics, animation, the Internet and the human-computer interface. U engineering faculty also will discuss in a panel session the history of video game development in Utah and how it has led to a multi-million-dollar industry in the state. Read More