Sorenson Building

University of Utah Unveils New Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex

The University of Utah today announced the completion of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex, a $37.5 million interdisciplinary facility for arts and education. The new facility was made possible by a leading $12.5 million donation from the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, the largest single donation in support of arts and education in university history. Read More

February, 2014 from the U

A Bird in the Hand

The sixth Utah Symposium in Science and Literature, to be held at the University of Utah March 5-7, will examine how people in different disciplines look at how humans make decisions and use knowledge to illuminate the human condition. Read More


10,000 Years on the Bering Land Bridge

Genetic and environmental evidence indicates that after the ancestors of Native Americans left Asia, they spent 10,000 years in shrubby lowlands on a broad land bridge that once linked Siberia and Alaska. Archaeological evidence is lacking because it drowned beneath the Bering Sea when sea levels rose. Read More

Debora Threedy

Law Professor’s Play Explores ‘Good Breeding’

Before University of Utah professor Debora Threedy became a lawyer, she was an actress, and now she combines her passions by writing plays about legal issues. Read More

2014-2-wAdmissions 2014 Winteromens-week_sml

U Celebrates Women’s Week

The University of Utah presents its annual Women’s Week celebration Feb. 28 through March 6, with the theme “What Matters.” This week of events allows women to connect with each other, identify goals and passions and learn skills to confront the challenges that continue to inhibit women’s progress. Read More