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U names new director of University Neighborhood Partners

May 19, 2015 – Sarah Munro, research director and partnership manager for University Neighborhood Partners, has accepted the position of special assistant to the President for Campus Community Partnerships and director of UNP, effective July 1, 2015. “Sarah has successfully used her academic foundation and her deep relationships in the community –including her involvement with […]

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Computing at the speed of light

Utah engineers have developed an ultracompact beamsplitter — the smallest on record — for dividing light waves into two separate channels of information. The device brings researchers closer to producing silicon photonic chips that compute and shuttle data with light instead of electrons.

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New tool to save salmon: isotope tracking

May 15, 2015 – Salmon carry a strontium chemical signature in their “ear bones” that lets scientists identify specific streams where the fish hatched and lived before they were caught at sea. The new tool may help pinpoint critical habitats for fish threatened by climate change, industrial development and overfishing. “Using this method, we can […]

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Beyond Facebook: The Social Media Alternatives Project

May 14, 2015 – There’s more to social networking than Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. That’s what Robert W. Gehl, assistant professor of communication at the University of Utah, is finding as he scours the Internet for what he calls “alternative social media” sites and services built as a critical response to corporate social […]

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Hinckley Institute of Politics Celebrates 50 Years


(May 13, 2015) — Prominent state, national and global leaders are joining University of Utah students and alumni today to celebrate the Hinckley Institute of Politics’ 50th anniversary. For five decades, the Hinckley Institute has championed student and community civic engagement. The last 10 years have been marked by explosive growth—particularly on a global level. […]

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