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Racing into town this summer, Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile will be on display at the University of Utah on the first-floor galleries of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in the Marcia and John Price Museum Building from June 2– September 16. The exhibition comprises 19 of the world’s finest automobiles and was organized by automotive historian, museum consultant and guest curator Ken Gross. Read More

May, 2012 from the U

Transit of Venus: See It Now or Wait ‘til 2117

Venus will pass directly between the Earth and the sun on Tuesday, June 5, and the planet’s rare transit across the face of the sun will present a once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity for people in northwestern North America, Hawaii, the western Pacific and northern Asia. The last transit of Venus was in 2004, but the next won’t happen until 2117. Read More

Robot Pinball

U’s Master Games Studio Publishes First Game

How many college graduate thesis projects and term papers become available commercially? It would be safe to say few, if any. This might apply to video game projects created by students as well. Read More


U Director Awarded Charles Babbage Award

Chris Johnson, director of the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and distinguished professor of computing, received the IEEE IPDPS Charles Babbage Award at the IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium in Shanghai, China on Tuesday, May 22. The award was presented in recognition of Johnson’s “innovations in the area of scientific Read More


U Computer Scientist Wins 2012 Microsoft Fellowship

Miriah Meyer, a computer scientist at the University of Utah, has been selected as one of seven Microsoft Research Faculty Fellows for 2012. Read More