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U of U Student Leaders to Unite, Educate Diverse Campus Groups

October 11, 2002 — The newly organized University of Utah ASUU United Leadership Council (ULC) will bring 220 student leaders from across campus together this weekend at Snowbird Ski Resort’s Cliff Lodge to enhance their leadership skills. The secluded mountain retreat will also provide ample opportunities for the participants to network, contemplate collaboration and share information about available University resources.

“One of the challenges of a commuter school is getting student groups to work together,” says Jacob Werrett, ASUU campus relations director and chairman of the ULC. “Representatives from many student organizations will be there, including members of the Residence Halls Association, the Bennion Center, the Greek and LDSSA sororities and fraternities, the Asian American Student Association and the Associated Students of the University of Utah. One of the conference’s purposes is to unite these diverse groups so they can create links and share what practices work for their organizations.”

The event, an initiative of ASUU President Bill Edwards, is costing the students $20 each, with ASUU funding the rest. “Last spring the ASUU senate and assembly passed a bill to fund this conference. We’ve been planning it since then. Hopefully it will become an ongoing-not a one-time-event that is funded through ASUU,” Werrett says.

The conference, to be held Friday and Saturday, will address students’ leadership roles and responsibilities. National best-selling author Stephen R. Covey will speak to participants, as will University President Bernie Machen and Franklin-Covey CEO Bob Whitman. U faculty member Col. Attila Bogner, U.S. Army, will give tips on recruiting and retaining members for student organizations. Other U faculty will deliver workshops on marketing and financing student organizations. All participants will be trained to use calendaring software that will enable them to enter events and announcements into one master ASUU calendar available online. Part of the conference will be devoted to discussing important campus issues and goals for meeting campus challenges.

“Many of the ULC members will be leaving the U this year, but before they do they are going to teach other students at the conference what they have learned while here,” notes Werrett. “Students teaching students is the really powerful part of this event.” For more information on the ULC, go to or call the ASUU offices at 581-2788.