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Students at the U Raise Awareness About Violence and Abuse

T-shirts displayed at the Clothesline Project.

Oct. 15, 2013 — According to the Utah Department of Health, one in three Utah women will experience some type of sexual assault in their lifetime. To bring awareness to this issue and all other forms of abuse, the Associated Students of the University of Utah, or ASUU, will host the Clothesline Project, Oct. 21 – 22 in the A. Ray Olpin Union Building.

The two-day event will feature T-shirts designed by victims of abuse portraying their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Victims and their family members are invited to contribute a shirt for display.

“We aim to give the survivors a voice and create awareness about issues that are so often ignored,” said Braxton Dutson, director, ASUU student advocacy. “We display the shirts created by survivors on a clothesline so students and community members can read the experiences and hopefully be moved to help stop it.”

Decorating materials will be available at the Union on the days of the event, and a private space will be provided for those participating. T-shirts are currently available at the Rape Recovery Center, 2035 S. 1300 E., or people may bring their own shirts from home (no logos, please).

About ASUU

The Associated Students of the University of Utah is led by elected officials, their appointed executive cabinet, elected representatives from each college and a Supreme Court. These groups are responsible for representing and providing support for all students at the University of Utah. Throughout the year, they host free concerts, movies, dances, parties, engaging speakers, service projects and family events. ASUU coordinates with more than 500 student groups and clubs offering more ways for students to connect with each other and share their interests. It also provides assistance with on-campus childcare, tutoring and legal services for students.