Context from Campus: July 13-17

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Pluto flyby
Astronomer Ben Bromley is available to discuss NASA’s New Horizons mission and the July 14 Pluto flyby. Bromley studies the physics of the planet formation, and Pluto is the subject of two recent studies he’s co-authored (“Evolution of a Ring around the Pluto-Charon binary” and “The Formation of Pluto’s Low Mass Satellites”). Bromley can provide expert views on what New Horizons may find – and what the mission can tell us about the history of our solar system.
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Financial crisis in Greece: What will be the economic impact worldwide?
The financial crisis in Greece may seem like a problem in a far-off nation for many Americans, but the country’s recent shutdown of the banking system could have worldwide implications. Retirement savings like 401(k) plans could fluctuate after markets took a dip when talks between Greece and its creditors in Europe broke down in recent weeks. There are other potential economic ramifications as well. Economics professor Korkut Alp Erturk can explain what’s happening in Greece and the potential economic impact for the U.S. and world. Erturk has published multiple articles on the case for international currency reform.
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Generation Stress
It’s no surprise that college can be stressful for students, but a new Ohio State University study shows just how many students feel the pressure – 70 percent of students surveyed admitted to being stressed about their personal finances, and nearly 60 percent said they worry about having enough to pay for school. Martha Bradley, senior associate vice president for Academic Affairs, knows how stressed today’s students are. She oversees a program, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, in which advisors seek out students and help them with all aspects of their lives – from financial worries to childcare to academic advising and everything in between. The program aims to help students succeed academically by taking care of them as a whole person. Bradley is available to discuss the program and how its unusual approach has made a difference in students’ lives.
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Tuesday, July 14
Pluto Palooza: The Department of Physics & Astronomy invites the public to celebrate NASA’s historic mission to Pluto. You can watch the live NASA broadcast as Mission Operations receives the “phone home signal” from the New Horizons probe after its closest approach to Pluto.
South Physics Building, Room 408, 125 S. 1400 East, 6-8 p.m.

Wednesday, July 15
Summer is in full swing, and the lure of the outdoors is irresistible. But beware of the hazards – from bug bites to poison ivy – that can ruin the fun. Brad Dahl, Poison Information Pharmacist at the Utah Poison Center, will discuss how to prevent poisoning in the great outdoors by taking precautions before and during time spent outside. Topics will include summer outdoor poisonings from plants and critters commonly found in Utah, as well as what to do it a poison exposure happens to you.
University of Utah Hospital, Fox Eccles Health Library, 50 Medical Drive, Noon

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