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Happy Birthday, Mr. President
President Barack Obama celebrates his 54th birthday on Aug. 4. On his inauguration day six years ago, President Obama handed Rep. John Lewis a note. It said, “Dear John: Thanks to you. Barack.” Rep. Lewis, a deeply engaged activist since his youth and often called “one of the most courageous persons the Civil Rights Movement ever produced,” has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties and building what he calls, “The Beloved Community” in America. He will deliver a keynote speech at the U Nov. 10 for the U’s MUSE Project (My U Student Experience), which will dedicate the coming year to exploring the theme of “community.” Mark Matheson, director of the MUSE Project, can discuss Lewis’ visit, how his appearance reflects the year’s theme and Lewis’s graphic novel series, “MARCH,” which will be discussed in classrooms across campus this fall.
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Human sex trafficking
The U.S. State Department this week released its annual report on human trafficking, outlining human rights abuses of people forced into sex work. This year’s report included a section on slavery in the global supply chains of agriculture, fishing and aquaculture. Law professor Erika George has researched trafficking—a subject the law school will be sponsoring an event on later this year. She is available for comment on the recently released report, as well as a vote in Congress this week on a federal law that would model California’s transparency mandate for supply chains.
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Campaign finance and Salt Lake City’s mayoral race
As primary elections for Salt Lake City’s mayoral race approach on Aug. 11, increased attention is being paid to campaign finances, with incumbent Mayor Ralph Becker and other candidates questioning campaign spending by opponent Jackie Biskupski, who recently posted billboards with an election message. James Curry, an assistant professor at the U’s Department of Political Science, can offer commentary on the campaign finance issues and political conflicts.
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Your child and eye exams: What you need to know
With the start of a new school year just around the corner, it’s time for many parents to bring their children in for an eye exam and to get them fitted for new glasses. What is the appropriate age for an eye exam? What happens at a child’s first checkup? What are common vision problems detected in children—and if problems are spotted during an exam, what are the next steps in helping children cope with their diagnoses? What goes in to finding the perfect fit for glasses for kids? David Dries is an associate professor of ophthalmology at the U’s John A. Moran Eye Center who specializes in pediatric eye disease. He and other specialists from the Moran Eye Center are available to discuss these topics. Contact Esther Pomeroy, communications manager at the Moran Eye Center, to arrange an interview.
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Wednesday-Thursday, July 5-6
Join the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the City Library downtown and the new Glendale Branch, where UMFA educators will help children make their own superhero masks. Participants will learn about superheroes from all over the world, choose their own superhero power to represent in a mask and then make their own original masks to wear home.
Aug. 5 | Salt Lake City Public Library, 209 E. 500 South, 4-5 p.m.
Aug. 6 | Salt Lake City Library Glendale Branch, 1375 S. Concord (1240 West), 4-5 p.m.


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