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University Seeks Parking Solution for Kingsbury and Gardner Hall Patrons

February 23, 2007 — During the past decade, the renovation and expansion of Kingsbury Hall and David P. Gardner Hall have enabled the University to expand arts and entertainment offerings to the Campus Community and the citizens of the Salt Lake Area and State of Utah. The University is now studying two sites for parking structures to accommodate the growing crowds of patrons attracted to these world class venues and to address a need to improve daytime parking, in the northwest quadrant, for students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

Both halls are located in Presidents Circle, in the northwest quadrant of campus. Unfortunately, that area of campus has been experiencing a parking crunch for years. University officials, as well as the Kingsbury Hall advisory board and others, have expressed concern about the lack of patron parking for Kingsbury Hall and Gardner Hall events.

During the 2005-06 academic year Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs David W. Pershing appointed a select committee on Parking for the Northwest Quadrant, chaired by Associate Professor Peter Martin. The committee concluded that two sites merit consideration for the construction of additional parking-underneath the upper end of Presidents’ Circle and a site northeast of the Park Building, near 100 South.

If built at either site under consideration, it is anticipated the garage would house between 650 and 850 parking stalls. Kingsbury Hall Director Greg Geilmann says a new parking structure would greatly benefit the arts. “Our patrons support what we do, despite our parking challenges. Even so, we would have many more full houses with a parking solution and that in turn would help bring in more and better performances to the campus,” said Geilmann.

“The University anticipates being able to make a decision on the project by June 2007, and then send its findings to the university’s Board of Trustees and Board of Regents. If approved, the project would then be sent to the state Legislature for consideration during its 2008 session,” said Norm Chambers, assistant vice president for auxiliary services. A new parking garage to service the Northwest Quadrant of campus may cost between $20 to $25 million dollars. Although the majority of the cost for the project would be funded through auxiliary and campus facilities revenue bonds, it is anticipated a donation of $5 to $7 million will be needed.

Suggestions and comments concerning the sites under consideration are welcome and may be e-mailed to