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April 30, 2007 — Twenty-five University of Utah students who completed 400 hours of community service each will be honored at the U’s commencement ceremonies on May 4, at 9 a.m., in the Jon M. Huntsman Center.

The U’s Lowell Bennion Community Service Center service-learning scholars were recently recognized for also completing 10 credit hours of service-learning classes and a major integrative service project (ISP) that combines academics with concentrated community work. Next week, the Service-Learning program, now in its fifteenth year, will graduate 25 students as compared to last year’s 18.

The 2007 service-learning scholars are Daniel Boyer, Richard Todd Clark, Christine Cushing, Emily Dettenmaier, Patrick Fernandez, Trudi Hazen, Rebecca Holt, Ashley Laub, Debra Jamison, Rozanne Larsen, Anmy Tran Mayfield, Marshall McCormick, Brittany Merrill, Andrea Olson, Aaron Olson, Steven Price, Amber Pavlovich, Jennifer Paynter, Erin Peterson, Maryam Safaee, Benjamin Schroer, Robert Serpico, Kristin Taylor, Henry Tran and Amanda Wilson.

“Service-learning scholars are committed to affecting positive change through civic work and community service,” notes Shannon Gillespie, Bennion Center service-learning coordinator. “These bright students will continue to contribute to the communities in which they live and work. They realize that making the world a better place is a lifelong endeavor.”

Each service-learning scholar designed and completed a service project, which was also supported by another student, a faculty member, a Bennion Center staff member and a community organization.

Daniel Boyer co-developed and led Empowerment International’s first annual Adventure Tour in Nicaragua, in order to create an advocacy base in the U.S. and raise funds to assist in programming. Empowerment International’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty and create lasting change through education.

Richard Todd Clark created a guidebook to assist future students in leading an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trip to San Diego, California. The trips’ service and education focuses on national issues of immigration. ASB trips are alcohol and drug free; and work to foster development of engaged citizens.

Christine Cushing worked with the Utah AIDS Foundation to create an electronic database, enabling staff to better track clients’ risky behaviors and testing dates. It will help Utah AIDS Foundation better serve clients by providing more specific and specialized methods of prevention.

Emily Dettenmaier updated an extensive resource manual for the Children’s Justice Center (CJC) in Provo, Utah. The manual contains the most current information regarding various organizations that may be of benefit to clients at the CJC. Emily created a paper version of the manual, as well as an interactive website.

Patrick Fernandez assisted peer and youth courts throughout Utah in organizing the Utah Youth Court Association. He implemented a strategic public relations plan with a focus on awareness, funding and training for students in order to ensure long-term sustainability of the association.

Trudi Hazen worked with the Davis County Health Department to develop a physical activity booklet. The booklet is a valuable resource to citizens of all ages, providing information about local hikes, activity classes, free screenings and more, encouraging residents to live active, healthy lives.

Rebecca Holt worked with a pharmacist during one of her field practica to develop a Tylenol and Motrin dosing chart for English and Spanish speaking patients. The chart outlines important information and directions on how to correctly administer dosages of over-the-counter medications for children.

Ashley Laub developed and established a sustainable neighborhood book exchange for youth with University Neighborhood Partners. This program helped to increase elementary school students’ interest in reading, while fostering leadership and connecting fifth and sixth graders with the University of Utah community.

Debra Jamison created a link between the University of Utah and the Salt Lake County Aging Services Ombudsman Program to provide ongoing volunteer support. Volunteers are responsible for helping to advocate for elderly residents’ rights and the highest quality of living for those in long-term care.

Rozanne Larsen organized a colloquium of professors, students, and administrators at the University of Utah who are dedicated to researching civic engagement of students and encouraging the civic application of knowledge. An ongoing research group was formed with the intention of becoming a research center.

Anmy Tran Mayfield worked with other Nursing students to develop a variety of teaching tools and lesson plans for students in English as a Second Language courses at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center. Her lesson plan involves hygiene and nutrition, in order to improve overall health.

Marshall McCormick co-developed and led Empowerment International’s first Annual Adventure Tour in Nicaragua, in order to create an advocacy base in the U.S. and raise funds to assist in programming. The trip connected donors to the families in the region, and has been set up to be easily repeatable for future trips.

Brittany Merrill created an interview guide to assist volunteers of the YourStory program to record and preserve the life stories of Utah’s own environmental activists. YourStory believes that “Every Utahn, no matter how ordinary, has a story to tell. But if no record is made of it, eventually the story is lost forever.”

Andrea Olson worked with the Pathways to Recovery program at Valley Mental Health to create a coping strategy resource booklet for clients to use when they are at home. Pathways is a therapeutic program, providing social contact and peer support to develop interpersonal communication skills.

Aaron Olson organized a men’s issues group focused on social justice at the University of Utah. The group encourages men to become more involved in educating their peers and communities in hopes of reducing rape and sexual assault.

Amber Pavlovich worked with other Nursing students to develop a variety of teaching tools and lesson plans for students in English as a Second Language courses at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center. Her lesson plan involves words for common ailments and human body parts.

Jennifer Paynter worked with other Nursing students to develop a variety of teaching tools and lesson plans for students in English as a Second Language courses at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center. Her lesson plan involves concepts for medical emergencies and rights as clients in the U.S. health care system.

Erin Peterson researched event planning and interviewed event planners to write and design a comprehensive handbook that community council and neighborhood groups can use to plan events and build social bridges and networks in their communities. The handbook will be distributed to many west-side community groups.

Steven Price created a community service committee within the Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) major’s Student Advisory Committee. Steven developed three positions of service leadership, whose charge is to encourage ESS majors to participate in related community service opportunities.

Maryam Safaee created a medical resource guide for residents of the Salt Lake Valley in conjunction with the Maliheh Free Clinic. The guide includes medical facilities and clinics across the state of Utah and lists eligibility requirements, services provided, costs and hours of operation.

Benjamin Schroer worked to reduce energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions by raising money for and installing several solar-power water heating units at a school in Micronesia on the main island of Pohnpei. The school provides education and shelter to young students in Micronesia.

Robert Serpico worked with Mountain View Elementary School to create a walking program to address the repercussions of childhood obesity and diabetes. The children are encouraged through incentives to engage in physical activity, culminating in a field trip to the University of Utah.

Kristin Taylor worked with the Leonardo On Wheels (LOW) state-wide outreach program to develop physical education lesson plans that can be taught in a classroom setting. The plans will be used by P.E. teachers during the winter months while the LOW program occupies the gymnasium.

Henry Tran coordinated the development of a Fall Breakaway program model, an expansion of the Alternative Spring Break program. Fall Breakaway will host several service trips during the University of Utah’s upcoming extended week-long fall break.

Amanda Wilson created a Special Olympics team based out of the University of Utah. The team is an addition to many already in existence, providing more athletes the opportunity to practice and compete with a professional team and giving more college students a chance to coach the athletes.