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WHAT: The release of “Immigration in Context: A Resource Guide for Utah,” created by the Honors Think Tank on Immigration to inform public discourse on immigration.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Main lobby of the West Legislative Building, Capitol Complex

WHY: Members of the Honors Think Tank on Immigration (eleven undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds) spent ten months studying the complex issues and controversies surrounding the debate over immigration. The students also spent 10 days conducting field research in the Michoac√°n state of central Mexico. Upon completion of their research the students created an immigration resource guide in order to clear up misconceptions and misinformation about the topic, and move public discourse toward a more effective and constructive debate on this controversial topic.

The guide does not argue in favor or in opposition to any view on immigration, rather, it brings together facts on immigration not widely-known. The guide contains historical, legal, economic, media literacy, and other pertinent information, as well as personal observations from immigrants and the Think Tank members themselves. They will distribute the guide to educators, lawmakers, leaders and community members who influence policy that affects immigration. They stress the purpose of the guide is “to bring greater understanding to an issue affecting thousands of real people in our communities today.”

WHO: The Honors Think Tank on Immigration is a research-based course offered by the University of Utah Honors Program. The Think Tank Team consists of 11 interdisciplinary Honors students and two faculty advisors. The resource guide is the culmination of two semesters of research on the topic of immigration.