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U Chemist Wins Prize for Organic Magnet Research

Oct. 9, 2006 — Joel S. Miller, a University of Utah distinguished professor of chemistry who develops new magnetic materials from plastic-like organic polymers, has won the American Physical Society’s 2007 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials.

Miller and his longtime collaborator, Arthur J. Epstein of Ohio State University, share the $5,000 prize, which is meant to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement in the science and uses of new materials.

The prize is somewhat unusual because Miller is a chemist and is not a member of the American Physical Society.

The award citation applauds Miller and Epstein “for discovery and characterization of organic-based magnets, and for their observation and study of predictable and previously unknown magnetic phenomena in these fascinating materials, leading to fundamentally new science and the demonstrated potential for creative new technologies.”

The international prize will be presented in March 2007 when the American Physical Society meets in Denver.

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