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Statement of Condolences from University of Utah President Michael K. Young

“On behalf of The University of Utah community, I express my deepest condolences to the people of Japan as they mourn their loss of family and friends from the horrific earthquake and tsunami. The University of Utah has welcomed and exchanged students with Japan for many generations and our relationship with Japan is deep and enduring. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people as they recover and rebuild the devastated areas of their country.

Many members of our university community have asked how they can help. The Japanese Embassy has indicated that donations to the American Red Cross would be gratefully received. More information is available at

The Nippon Association at The University of Utah, an organization of Japanese students, has asked me to express their gratitude for the numerous expressions of support and concern expressed by the students, faculty and staff of The University of Utah for their families and friends in Japan.”

–Michael K. Young