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Rocky Anderson to Deliver U of U Honors Program Lecture

Oct. 12, 2006 — Next week, Salt Lake City Mayor Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson will be on campus to deliver a “green” (versus red or blue) lecture on one of his favorite themes: practical environmentalism.

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, the University of Utah Honors Program will present a free public lecture by Anderson, the second Honors Lecture in a series focusing on science and society. The lecture will begin at 5 p.m., in the Dumke Auditorium of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, located at 410 Campus Center Drive.

Anderson’s remarks, titled “Effectively Combating Climate Change Together” and similar to other Anderson addresses, will explore the possibility of simultaneously preserving the environment for the future while enhancing the economy and quality of life now.

Anderson’s “green,” or environmentally friendly, initiatives have been recognized nationally and internationally. He has delivered presentations related to this topic throughout the United States as well as to international groups in India, South America, the United Kingdom and Australia. A Utah native, Anderson earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy at the University of Utah prior to obtaining his law degree from George Washington University. He has served as Salt Lake City’s mayor since 2000.

“The Science and Society lecture series, which features prominent thinkers and researchers, is structured to prompt thoughtful discussion among students, faculty, staff and the greater community. These lectures are offered as an academic enhancement for all to enjoy,” notes Tom Richmond, associate director of the Honors Program and an associate professor of chemistry at the U.

The first lecture in the Science and Society Honors Program series was given in September, by Salt Lake Tribune reporters Greg Lavine and Judy Fahys, on the challenge of communicating global warming. The next lecture will be on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 5 p.m., in the Honors Center, located at 1975 DeTrobiand, Building 619, in historic Fort Douglas, on the University of Utah campus. The lecture, “China, Clean Coal, and Our Energy Future,” will be given by JoAnn Lighty, professor of chemical engineering. For more information on the event, call 801-581-7383.

Originated in 1960, the Honors Program at the University of Utah promotes an enriched environment for talented and highly motivated students. Honors Program curriculum includes individual and sequence courses, seminars, workshops and cohorts of Think Tank students. Currently, there are 2,000 students enrolled in the U’s Honors Program.