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May 9, 2007 — “There are more than 4,000 students in the last ten years who have completed 90 or more credits at the University but not completed their degree,” stated University of Utah President Michael K. Young at U of U commencement ceremonies on Friday, May 4. These are the students a new University initiative, announced by Young on Friday, hopes to draw back to the classroom.

“Returning to the U” is a University-wide initiative created to reach out to former U students who have completed most of their coursework but have not earned their bachelor’s degree. This initiative will provide academic advising, offer individualized connections with academic programs and departments and make available a team of University agencies that can identify financial resources, child care options and career opportunities to facilitate success.

Additionally, Young has directed the admissions office to waive the re-admission fee for these returning students. “Wherever you are, we invite you back…you deserve the opportunity to reach your dream,” said Young.

Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, associate dean for Undergraduate Studies and University College Advising, notes that the initiative identifies and engages individuals who “stopped-out” of the U with lots of credits but before they finished their degrees. “It offers these individuals an entry point to restart their education and assists in connecting future graduates with agencies and departments that can contribute to their success,” she says.

The team of U of U agencies includes among others: Women’s Resource Center; Center for Ethnic Student Affairs; Career Services; Continuing Education; Financial Aid and Scholarship; Childcare; ASUU; West Side Partners; and Admissions.

To learn more, about the “Returning to the U” program, call University College Advising at 581-8146 to make an appointment with an advisor or visit the website at