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Response to Utah Supreme Court Decision on Guns on Campus

September 8, 2006 –

We are disappointed with the Utah Supreme Court’s decision but recognize that this resolves the state issues we raised in filing our suit. This case was initially filed in Federal court, and Federal constitutional issues remain. The University was instructed by the federal court to submit the state law issues to the Utah courts, and to notify the federal court once the state issues were resolved. We intend to notify the judge of the outcome of this decision. Our only goal from the beginning has been to keep our students safe. Universities across the country uniformly prohibit guns on campus.

We hope that, following review of this case in federal court, the issue will be resolved to uphold our long-standing policy of keeping firearms off campus. The University”s concern throughout this dispute has been to maintain our campus as a safe learning environment where students and faculty can do their work without a threat to their safety and well-being.