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Prescott Muir to Remain Chair of the School of Architecture

College of Architecture + Planning.

Mar. 2, 2013 – Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Hardman announced today that Prescott Muir, chair of the School of Architecture, has agreed to remain as chair, with the support of Brenda Case Scheer, dean of the College of Architecture + Planning.   “I am pleased that we can come to an understanding,” Professor Muir said.  “Now is the time to move forward in a constructive way that builds on a foundation of strong and nationally recognized academic programs within the School and College.”

Dean Scheer took full responsibility for the decision that led to Muir’s resignation. “I regret that I acted hastily, without full information and without full consideration of the views of faculty, students and alumni. I am sure that there would have been a far different outcome had I been more inclusive,”  Scheer said.  “For this, I apologize to Prescott Muir and to all those who care about the College.”

Senior V.P. Hardman also announced that the university will undertake a comprehensive review of the governance, curriculum  and communication issues in the College and the School of Architecture that are the substance of recent events. He indicated as well that a regularly scheduled performance review of Dean Scheer would be folded into the comprehensive review, and the entire process with recommendations to the senior vice president will be completed within 45 days.

The College of Architecture + Planning has approximately 400 students in two nationally ranked departments, Architecture and City and Metropolitan Planning, as well as a new program in Multidisciplinary Design.