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Sept. 3, 2008 – Five years ago the University of Utah was knee-deep in blood, blood donations that is. Winning the first “Bleed Red” blood drive competition against Utah State, the U has forfeited the title to the Aggies the past four years. This year U students are determined to take it back. “Bleed Red” will take place September 8-12 on the U of U campus and all U students, alumni and fans are encouraged to donate.

The “Bleed Red” competition is open to anyone who would like to donate blood. U students believe that with the help of alumni and fans they can beat Utah State this year, which has a goal of collecting 1,300 units of blood. To win, Ute fans will need to come out in force each day to defeat the Aggies.

“This year we want ‘Bleed Red’ to be a unifying event with students participating from all over campus,” said ASUU Community Service Director Stanley Lloyd. “This is a great way to acquaint students with one of the many community service opportunities available at the U. The blood donated is needed and appreciated by our local hospitals.”

Each donor will receive a “Bleed Red” t-shirt and be eligible to win prizes including an I-Pod or a two-year lease on a Mitsubishi car from Ken Garff South Towne Superstore.

Blood drive locations will be in the A. Ray Olpin Union Ballroom and in the Bloodmobile north of the University Bookstore from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Directions are listed on Donors unable to reach campus may donate at ARUP Blood Services in Murray or at Research Park in Salt Lake City and must indicate that the donation is for “Bleed Red.”

ARUP Blood Services will collect the blood for the University of Utah. All donations made at the U will go to the University of Utah Hospital, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Primary Children’s Medical Center or Shriners Hospital for Children. Of the 43 hospitals in Utah, these four hospitals use roughly 25 percent of the blood transfused in the state.

Donors should bring photo identification and plan to spend around 45 minutes to complete paper work, a mini-physical and give blood. To be eligible, participants must weigh at least 110 pounds, be 18 years old and be in generally good health.

The following are blood drive locations for “Bleed Red” at the University of Utah:

September 8-12

Union Center Ballroom, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
North Bookstore Sidewalk, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Bloodmobile