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New Technology Takes the Worry Out of E-mail

June 25, 2007-No need to fret about your firm’s problems with e-mails and attachments thanks to Xapio, a new compliance company. Xapio is a University of Utah start-up founded by inventor and entrepreneur, Stefano Foresti. The Xapio application plugs directly into your current e-mail system allowing users to securely send and track e-mail attachments of any size-all with a single mouse click. Not only will this help to securely send confidential information by e-mail, but it will also address compliance and operational costs.

Simply stated, this patent-pending technology strips attachments from incoming and outgoing messages sent using any client (e.g. Outlook) and locates them on a web server. The message recipient then accesses the files by clicking secure https links. More importantly, the sender can make the link to documents non-sharable. The sender can also track if and when the recipient downloads attachments, a great solution for e-mail problems in law firms, doctors offices and large businesses.

“People love e-mail, but IT departments are drowning in it,” explains Stefano Foresti. “Xapio fixes this problem completely. People don’t have to break their habits and find workarounds to send large and confidential files. IT departments don’t have to add partial solutions to manage e-mail problems. Xapio enhances e-mail security, privacy, and tracking, without changing the infrastructure, while also cutting costs.”

Xapio started off as technology developed at the Center for Representation of Multi-Dimensional Information (CROMDI) at the University of Utah. The company formed after Foresti noticed his own frustration when communicating with many people needing to exchange many files. After working with several IT staff in several organizations, who themselves were drowning in Terabytes of e-mail, his light bulb went on, and the company was founded.

“We’re excited that businesses with as much potential as Xapio are coming out of the U.” said Jack Brittain, vice president of Technology Venture Development at the University of Utah. “This is all due to the hard work and collaboration between University researchers and the Technology Commercialization Office.” Brittain oversees all University of Utah commercialization and entrepreneurial endeavors.

With a beta version of the application being released this summer, you can expect to secure your attachments with Xapio sometime next year.