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New Survey Shows the University of Utah among Nation’s Best in Generating Companies from Research

February 26, 2007 — The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) recently released its survey of 2005 commercialization results for 228 universities, and the University of Utah again ranks among the top 25 schools in the country. No other Utah university placed in the top 100. The U’s number 19 ranking in commercialization revenue places it above such research powerhouses as Johns Hopkins and the California Institute of Technology. Other universities in the top 25 are NYU, Wisconsin, the University of California System, MIT, Washington, Harvard, and Colorado. Only 25 of the participating institutions earned more than $10 million in licensing revenues in 2005. The University of Utah’s revenues were $16,137,282.

Jack Brittain, dean of the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business and vice president for the Office of Technology Venture Development (Tech Ventures) says the University’s efforts to create businesses from research are paying off. “Licensing revenues earned by the University of Utah support further research and a variety of commercialization support programs, including the University’s Technology Commercialization Grants Program, our seed research grants program, and provide matching funding required by various federal grants,” said Brittain.

In the research dollars rankings published by AUTM, the U is number 55, placing it in league with Carnegie Mellon (53), Indiana (54), UC Irvine (56), and M.D. Anderson Medical Center in Texas (57). The U comes in at 32 among public institutions in this same ranking. “To rank number 19 overall in commercialization revenue is extraordinary given the research funding ranking, and to rank near the top in company formation shows the Legislature’s confidence as expressed by the USTAR initiative is well-founded,” said Brittain.

Other impressive numbers for the University of Utah listed in the AUTM survey include licensing dollars generated per research dollars received, ranking the University 13th best in the country, tied with the University of Colorado. The U is also one of only 16 universities generating over $15 million in licensing revenue.

Brian Cummings, Director of the University of Utah Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) says the new survey shows the University of Utah is fast becoming recognized as one of the nation’s leading economic engines. “The U is the 8th best university in the country in the number of companies formed. The U.S. average number of companies formed in the U.S. was 4 in 2005, and in 2006 the U generated 20 companies,” said Cummings.

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