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MBA Students Learn the Importance of Lending a Hand

August 13, 2003 — The business leaders of tomorrow are rolling up their sleeves for kids with physical and developmental challenges who need help now. On Friday, August 15 approximately 55 new MBA students from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah will spend their day performing a community service project for Camp Kostopulos. Students will be staining the Camp Kostopulos dock and pavillion, sanding and painting picnic tables, and netting and raking the camp’s pond. Work will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at about 2:30 p.m.

As the culminating experience of the required weeklong Team Foundations course in the MBA program, student teams participate in a service project that benefits a local charitable organization. This year the course is helping Camp Kostopulos. The service project is a required part of orientation week for students in the MBA program at the business school. The orientation focuses on team building and learning practical skills for effectively working in and managing a team.

Kristina Diekmann, Associate Professor of Management, is the faculty advisor for the student teams and accompanies them on the service project. She sees great value in the service project. “This is an important and valuable community-based learning experience. Students apply the concepts and principles learned in the Team Foundations course and practice their skills for being more effective team members and leaders,” said Diekmann.

Camp Kostopulos is a special needs program for all ages with physical and developmental challenges established in 1967. It is located at 2500 E. Emigration Canyon Road. The camp has specific services available for the emotionally challenged, developmentally challenged, hearing impaired, learning disabled, physically challenged, visually impaired, and organ transplant recipient.

Organizers believe the work being done at Camp Kostopulos will enhance the character of MBA students at the David Eccles School of Business for years to come. “Students learn the importance of social responsibility and effective community outreach in business practice. Ultimately, students find it rewarding when they see the results of their hard work and the gratitude of those benefiting from the projects,” said Diekmann.