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Humanities Documentary Studies Grant Program

November. 19, 2003 — The College of Humanities is pleased to announce the inaugural funding round for the Documentary Studies Seed Grant program. This program is designed to foster creative collaboration, both within the college and throughout the University campus. Additionally, the program allows for broad collaboration with independent documentary professionals outside the University community.

According to Peter Goss, Chair of the Documentary Studies Grant Review Committee, there has been great interest in the seed funding initiative. “I’m enthusiastic about the scope of projects, as well as the number of different disciplines represented in the proposals,” stated Goss. Nearly 20 proposals were reviewed in this first round, with disciplines and mediums ranging from film to oral history documentation and photography.

In addition to a pilot documentary studies project of oral histories of West Salt Lake City residents, headed by Professor Margaret Brady from the Department of English, key projects funded in this round are as follows:

1. “Hearing Voices” James Anderson (Communications), Scott Carrier (Independent)
2. “Rachel Brennan” Karen Brennan (English), Ellen Bromberg (Dance)
3. “Child Soldiers” Deen Chatterjee (Philosophy), Trent Harris (Independent)
4. “A Gesture of Kinship” Donna Deyhle (ECS), Bruce Hucko (Independent)
5. “The Magic Box” Tim Larson (Communication), Craig Wirth (Communications)
6. “Discovering Glendale” Hank Liese (Social Work), Tiffany Rousculp (SLCC)
7. “The Kent Frost Video Project” Paul Mogren (Marriott Library), Chris Simon (Sageland Media
8. “Coding Eternity” Cassandra Van Buren (Communication), James Fisher (Communications)
9. “Mice and Men – Mario Capecchi” Erik Jorgensen (Biology), Sheri Quinn (Independent)