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Governor Mike Leavitt Proclaims April 22nd Ute Ski Team Day

April 18, 2003 — Governor Mike Leavitt has proclaimed Tuesday, April 22nd Ute Ski Team Day in the state of Utah. The proclamation was issued to honor the ski team for winning the 2003 NCAA Ski Championships and in recognition of years of success on the slopes. This marks the 11th time the Ute skiers have won the national championship, preserving their tradition as one of the nation’s top collegiate skiing programs.

University of Utah President Bernie Machen will present the official proclamation to ski team coach Kevin Sweeny at the team’s awards banquet, Tues. April 22nd at 12 p.m. in the Alumni House.

Besides praising the team for its outstanding performance at the national championships held last month in New Hampshire, Governor Leavitt also cited the team’s positive impact on Utah’s reputation as a top skiing destination. “Skiing is a sport that continues to contribute to Utah’s renown and increases its positive standing among people of the nation and the world,” said Leavitt.

For more information on the ski team’s national championship and its other outstanding accomplishments, please check the following link: