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Former Theatre Student Agrees to Settle Claims Against University of Utah

Axson-Flynn settlement
Axson-Flynn readmission refusal

The University of Utah (the U) and Christina Axson-Flynn, through her attorneys at Parker & McConkie, announced today that they have reached a settlement agreement in Ms. Axson-Flynn’s lawsuit against faculty members in the U’s Actor Training Program.

Ms. Axson-Flynn has agreed to drop her lawsuit and the University has agreed to develop a religious accommodation policy and undertake affirmative measures to improve and refine its approach to dealing with perceived or actual inappropriate or illegal discriminatory action. Axson-Flynn was offered readmission into the Actor Training Program, which she has declined. The U also agrees to reimburse her tuition and student fees for the 1998-1999 academic year.

The settlement agreement is not an admission of liability or fault on the part of the U or its faculty, but rather a good faith effort on the part of Axson-Flynn and the University to conclude the litigation and to put in place some positive long-term benefits for everyone.