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Dr. Barlow Bradford Named Visiting Professor of Choral Studies

October 25, 2010–The School of Music at the University of Utah has announced the appointment of Barlow Bradford as visiting professor of choral studies. One of Utah’s most prominent and successful conductors, he will assume his duties on November 1.

Bradford will be responsible for leading the University Singers and A Cappella Chorus in rehearsals and concerts, supervising the graduate choral conducting program and teaching conducting seminars and lessons. “Dr. Bradford comes with a wealth of professional and collegiate experience. I am certain our students will find their time with him extremely enriching and rewarding,” said Robert Baldwin, interim director of the School of Music.

Over the course of his extraordinary musical career, Bradford has distinguished himself as a conductor, composer, arranger, pianist, organist and a teacher.

As an orchestral and choral conductor, he co-founded the Utah Chamber Artists in 1991

and has led that organization to international acclaim for its impeccable, nuanced

performances and award-winning recordings. He is scheduled to conduct the Utah Symphony on November 19 and 20, 2010, in addition to conducting several programs with the Utah Chamber Artists.

For the U, Bradford will conduct for the scheduled December and February choral programs and assist with two planned guest residencies.

James Jordan will fill one of those residencies for one week in January. He is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential conductors in America and, through his 17 textbooks and recordings, has brought about far-reaching pedagogical and philosophical changes not only in choral music but also in the worlds of orchestral conducting, wind conducting, piano and music education. Jordan will spend one week interacting with choral students and graduate conductors, and present a session for local music educators. He will also travel to Utah two additional times in the spring to teach seminars and lessons to graduate conducting students.

An additional international guest residency is scheduled for April. The selection of that conductor will be announced at a later date. The fall graduate choral conducting class will be taught by Edgar Thompson, U of U faculty emeritus. The spring graduate choral conducting seminars and lessons will be taught by Bradford and Jordan.

Here is the 2010-11 schedule for choral studies at the University of Utah:

 Remainder of Fall 2010:
November 1, 2010

Barlow Bradford begins duties as visiting professor of choral studies.

November 2010

Performances of Alexander Nevsky with Utah Philharmonia

Robert Baldwin, conductor
Jeffrey Price, choral preparation
Performances 11/19 and 11/20

 December 2010

 Holiday Choral Concerts, Barlow Bradford and Jessica Napoles, conductors
Performances 12/10 and 12/11

 Spring 2011:

January 2011

Residency and performance with James Jordan (1/17-1/22). This will include choral retreats, sessions for graduate conductors,
professional development for music educators (1/19), and a concert
performance (1/22).

February 2011

Choral concert with Barlow Bradford, conductor.

Performance 2/26

March 2011

National search candidates on campus for interviews, rehearsals and a mini-performance

April 22-23

Choral concerts with a nationally prominent guest conductor, to be announced