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Chris Hill to Remain at Utah

June 08, 2004 — Dr. Chris Hill announced today that he will remain at the University of Utah, where he has been the director of athletics since 1987.

“I explored the situation at the University of Washington, but determined that I am very excited about the opportunities here at Utah,” said Hill. “We have wonderful coaches and administrators in place and I look forward to great success in the years to come.”

“We are very pleased to announce that Chris Hill will be staying at the University of Utah,” said Interim President Lorris Betz. “Chris has done an outstanding job over the past seventeen years as the U’s athletic director. He has created a great legacy and has significantly raised the profile of the school’s athletic program. Chris has demonstrated his skills in hiring excellent coaches and running a top-notch athletic program. We are looking forward to many more successful years under his capable leadership.”