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Campus Information Technology Streamlined

June 8, 2007-Stephen H. Hess has been named the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University of Utah and will report directly to the president. Hess is currently Associate Academic Vice President for Information Technology. This change will help streamline the data processing needs of faculty, staff, and students in areas such as research, financial management, and planning.

The appointment, effective June 1, 2007, creates a new department on campus. As a result of this change, Administrative Computing Services (ACS) now reports to the CIO along with the Center for High Performance Computing, the Office of Information Technology, Media Solutions, Instructional Media Services, Administrative Computing Services, and the Utah Education Network.

The University CIO is responsible for setting campus wide information technology (IT) policy, technical standards, and strategic planning. “IT is evolving rapidly and changing the nature of higher education by providing new and creative ways to improve research and education. In my new role, I intend to update and develop long term IT strategies for the future,” said Hess.

Stephen Hess is also the Assistant Commissioner of Higher Education and CIO for Utah System of Higher Education where he leads the other college CIO’s in statewide IT initiatives. Before these responsibilities, he served as Executive Director of Media Services and the Utah Education Network. In that position, he was responsible for developing the state of Utah’s extensive computer, satellite, and interactive television networks connecting all public K-12 schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and applied technology centers. He also was the director of the University Press, a scholarly book publishing press for the University, the Director of Instructional Media Services an on-campus faculty IT/media support center; and Assistant Vice President for University and Student Relations.

Hess received his Ph.D. from the University of Utah in 1978 in Educational Administration. He received his master’s degree in Instructional Systems and Learning Resources and Bachelor’s Degree in History with a Minor in Psychology, and a Secondary Teaching Certificate, all from the University of Utah. He holds an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Communications, where he advises doctoral students. He has written several articles and chapters in books on the use of IT and media in higher education and taught at the University for many years.