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Bear Hugs for Babies

Apr. 10, 2008 Researchers say that a person needs four hugs a day for survival, eight for maintenance, and 12 for growth. This week, University of Utah students, faculty, and staff join with the community in providing hugs for Utah children in this year’s Bear Hugs for Babies project, March 31 – April 18.

The Bear Hugs for Babies project provides stuffed animals to Utah’s children through harsh times. This year’s project will support the Avenues Children’s Justice Center.

Victims of abuse are taken to the Children’s Justice Center to be questioned. By providing them a stuffed animal, they are not only given a friend, but also provided a symbolic gesture of the support and love of the community for these children in their difficult time.

The Bear Hugs for Babies project is sponsored by the Student Health Advisory Committee, a student group at the U that focuses on promoting student health and promoting programs such as the Bear Hugs for Babies Project that involve students and community in a combined goal for better health.

To exceed last year’s goals, the committee has set a goal to raise $600 and collect 400 stuffed animals by sending out letters to various businesses and organizations in the community.

Active collection will take place on campus March 31 – April 18. Collection boxes will be placed throughout campus and the event will be publicized with posters, flyers and announcements. The goal is to involve the students and faculty at the U with the community in providing new and gently used stuffed animals to the children of Utah. The stuffed animals will be delivered by members of the Student Health Advisory Committee in late April to the Avenue Children’s Justice Center.