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Associated Students of the University of Utah Keep Campus Healthy with Free Flu Shots


Sept. 17, 2013 — The Legislative Branch of the Associated Students of the University of Utah has allocated $12,000 to provide free flu vaccinations to 800 students. The majority of the vaccinations will be given to students at the Wellness Fair, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Field House. The remaining shots will be provided at the Center for Student Wellness to those who don’t have insurance.

“Each vaccination we give contributes to the overall health of the campus,” said Michael Chen, ASUU Student Services director. “Each person that is immune lowers the risk to others.”

The 2012 National College Health Assessment from the American College Health Association found 58.9 percent of students were not vaccinated against the flu within the last 12 months, 58.3 percent of students experienced the flu and caused 13.9 percent of all students to have a negative impact on academics.

“The flu can spread very quickly on a college campus where students are interacting with hundreds of other people each semester,” added Chen. “By providing the vaccinations for free, we hope to keep the campus and students healthy.”

The flu shot bill has been an annual collaboration between ASUU Student Services Board, Student Health Advisory Committee and the Center for Student Wellness. The free flu shot clinics have served more than 2800 students in the last four years.

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