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Arctic gives Insight to Climate Change at Polar Palooza

April 15, 2008- Scientists-explorers as well as Arctic residents-will share personal stories of life, research, and adventure in the polar regions during two events sponsored by the Utah Museum of Natural History. Their stories are supported by a 2-3,000 year old ice core, high-definition documentary video, graphics, animation, original artifacts, research tools, and equipment.

The two events are designed to bring public awareness to climate change. POLAR-PALOOZA is a public education and outreach project supported by the National Science Foundation and NASA that aims to bring interesting and important information about the Poles to the public. It’s “Stories from a Changing Planet” program brings cutting-edge polar research to us. The first presentation will take place on Friday, April 18, 7 p.m., at the Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 South. Admission is free. POLAR-PALOOZA is part of the Utah Museum of Natural History’s The Nature of Things Lecture Series.

The following day, Saturday, April 19, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the POLAR-PALOOZA team will be at the Utah Museum of Natural History, 1390 E. President’s Circle, to help visitors explore what science says about our changing planet and what we can do to preserve our world. This will be done through the following fun, family activity and event stations that are free with regular museum admission:

The Polar Regions are distant, remote, and sparsely populated, but it is there that climate change is experienced first and most dramatically. The warming of these isolated regions has consequences for the rest of the planet. POLAR-PALOOZA will inspire audiences to better appreciate how rapid changes in the Arctic and Antarctic affect the health and function of the entire planet.

Celebrate the Planet: Appreciate the planet through fun-filled art and science activities, including face painting, KidFocus photography contest, live animals from Hogle Zoo, Native Cultures and the Earth, wetlands interactive prototype, penguin tattoos, Sands of Time science theater, Nature Writing Workshops, and nature drawing studio.

Explore Evidence of Change: Explore some of the evidence for change in our world, and meet real scientists studying threats to our environment. They include the Utah Museum of Natural History’s Eric Rickart, Bill Newmark, and Becca Rowe and, of course, the team from POLAR-PALOOZA

Take Action: Learn what we can do right now to protect the planet. Local organizations will be on hand to help us see all the ways we can help. Activities include ecological footprint, crafts with recycled materials, recycling drop-off, make a good garden, ride your bike, reuse grocery bags, conserve water, Rip Your Strip, alternative energy, public transportation.

Partners with POLAR-PALOOZA and the Utah Museum of Natural History in bringing Earth Day activities to the public include Red Butte Garden, Water Wise Utah, Jordan Valley Water Conservation District, Utah Rivers Council, Utah Transit Authority, East Farms, Bad Dog Rediscovers America, University of Utah Office of Sustainability, and Utah Population and Environment Coalition.