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Academic Analytics Ranks the University of Utah and 22 of its Programs among the Best in the Nation

University of Utah campus.

March 4, 2013 —Academic Analytics recently ranked the University of Utah (the U) as 31st overall in faculty scholarly productivity among the nation’s public comprehensive universities and 28th in the number of federally funded grants received per faculty member. In addition to the U’s overall national ranking, 22 of its graduate disciplines were ranked among the top 25 percent in the nation.

“The University of Utah has had a consistently strong showing in this national analysis over the past several years and the recognition continues to grow,” said Michael Hardman, interim senior vice president for Academic Affairs. “These rankings are indicative of the high quality and hard work of the U’s dedicated faculty and represent their commitment to academic excellence.”

Pharmaceutical chemistry ranked #2, and the remaining 21 graduate disciplines come from a wide range of programs across the U’s campus. The disciplines and their respective rankings are:  geological engineering (3), neurobiology and anatomy (4), accounting (5), finance (8), speech-language pathology (8), chemical physics (10), medicinal chemistry (12), rehabilitation sciences (13), special education (15), geography (18), nursing (21), chemistry (24), physiology (24), sociology (30), biology (32.5), biochemistry (34), English (35), computer science (40), neuroscience (40), mathematics (42) and electrical engineering (45).

The Academic Analytics Database includes information on over 270,000 faculty members associated with more than 9,000 doctoral programs and 10,000 departments at more than 385 universities in the United States and abroad. The rankings are based on a variety of data that include faculty publications (peer-reviewed journals and books), citations by others outside the respective university, federal research funding and awards and honors.

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