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Capstone Video Game Course Aims for Super Brains

At this time of year, many graduating students are still looking for the right career path upon which to embark, trying to get a foot in the door for their chosen industry or seeking a summer job to make money toward a graduate degree. For some lucky University of Utah students, those tasks may be completed even before they walk across the stage at Commencement.

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Dr. Lorris Betz appointed Interim President of University of Utah

After consulting with members of the University of Utah Board of Trustees, State Board of Regents Chair David Jordan announced Monday that Dr. Lorris Betz has been appointed as Interim President of the University of Utah, effective Monday May 16. This appointment comes after the announcement last week that President Michael Young has been selected as the new President of the University of Washington.

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Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance … Machinima Fest

In the grand tradition of “This is Spinal Tap,” “Borat,” and “The Office,” a new mockumentary is about to make its world premier. On Tuesday May 3, “Yesterday’s Video Game Heroes,” directed, produced and created by University of Utah students, will compete at Machinima Fest 2011, the fifth annual film festival designed to showcase projects from the Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) program.

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Missing the Gorilla

University of Utah psychologists have learned why many people experience “inattention blindness” – the phenomenon that leaves drivers on cell phones prone to traffic accidents and makes a gorilla invisible to viewers of a famous video.

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Robots, and Rockets, and Racecars! Oh, My!

A buoy to harvest energy from ocean waves, a device to help restore hand function in patients with deteriorated muscles, racing vehicles and a rocket that one day may be launched into space are among senior design projects that will be showcased Tuesday, April 19, during the University of Utah’s 14th annual Mechanical Engineering Design Day.

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Electric Yellowstone

University of Utah geophysicists made the first large-scale picture of the electrical conductivity of the gigantic underground plume of hot and partly molten rock that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano. The image suggests the plume is even bigger than it appears in earlier images made with earthquake waves.

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