Utah Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology

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Two University of Utah faculty members –geneticist LOUISA STARK and chemist PETER ARMENTROUT – are among seven winners of the annual Utah Governor’s Medals for Science and Technology. The medals are “a symbol of recognition to those individuals who have provided distinguished service to the State of Utah in the fields of science and technology,” according to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Stark is a research associate professor of human genetics and director of the Genetic Science Learning Center which runs an internationally acclaimed educational website about genetics. Armentrout, a distinguished professor of chemistry, seeks to understand from a fundamental viewpoint the reactions involved in catalysis, surface chemistry, organometallic chemistry and plasma chemistry. He is known for his development of guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry as a tool for elucidation of thermodynamic data. (Dated 01/21/2011)