New ASUU Personal Money Mangagement Center Coordinator

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The University of Utah is pleased to welcome Ann House as the coordinator for the new ASUU Personal Money Management Center. The center is designed to help students with manage their money while attending college. The center offers a safe and confidential atmosphere with a staff trained to to help students achieve more successful financial outcomes. They are provided a variety of ways to improve their financial situation, whether through one-on-one counseling sessions with staff or peer mentors or through attending one of the many Personal Money Management seminars.

House has a B.S. in Human Development and Public Policy, and a M.S. in Family Ecology, both from the University of Utah. She has been an educator and public policy advocate for 20 years. House has managed project grants associated with public education of adults and youth in the areas of personal financial management and micro-economics. She is a published author and has received numerous state and national awards. Her skills lay in curriculum development for diverse populations through individual development accounts, volunteer tax assistant sites, the 529 Savings Plan and through the Utah Saves campaign that she helped found in 2004. She serves the community through many partnerships and sits on the boards of many organizations.