Congratulations to Amy Wildermuth, New AVP for Faculty

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Law Professor AMY WILDERMUTH has been named the new Associate Vice President (AVP) for faculty at the University of Utah. Wildermuth has degrees in engineering, law and the humanities along with experience both as a law professor and practicing lawyer. She currently teaches and writes on administrative law, civil procedure, environmental law and property law. She also is involved with the Wallace Stegner Center and is a member of the executive committee for the new Global Change and Ecosystem Center. Her research and scholarship have focused on the intersection of law, science and economics. As AVP for faculty, Wildermuth will be expected to interpret university policies governing retention, promotion and tenure; sabbaticals and leaves; and auxiliary faculty reviews. She also will represent the administration on the Academic Senate Executive Committee and facilitate resolutions when parties disagree. Wildermuth served as a visiting professor at the S.J. Quinney College of Law in 2001-2002, and returned in 2003 after clerking for Justice John Paul Stevens on the U.S. Supreme Court. She received a masters degree in environmental engineering and earned her law degree from the University of Illinois. She also earned undergraduate degrees in history and in engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Taking over from Susan Olson, Wildermuth will begin her new assignment on July 2, 2011. (Dated: 04/15/2011)