Patients Less Likely to Die if Readmitted to Same Hospital

Up to 22 percent of surgical patients experience unexpected complications and must be readmitted for post-operative care. A study led by the University of Utah suggests that returning to the same hospital is important for recovery. Readmission to a different hospital was associated with a 26 percent increased risk for dying within 90 days. Read More

June, 2015 from the U

Fighting for equality: U’s Cliff Rosky honored for work on civil rights for LGBT community

(June 24, 2015) —Cliff Rosky remembers a clear moment when he knew he wanted to dedicate much of his career to fighting for the rights of LGBT people. It was 1994 and Rosky was a student at Amherst College in Massachusetts. On a trip home to his native New Jersey one weekend, Rosky’s brother had Read More

University of Utah Alumni Association

University of Utah Alumni Association introduces U Championship Pro-Am

The University of Utah Alumni Association invites alumni and community members to participate in the inaugural U Championship Pro-Am golf tournament presented by University Credit Union on Monday, Aug. 10, at Willow Creek Country Club, 8505 Willow Creek Drive. Read More

Klaudia Kis and Sydney Stringham, University of Utah

Doves share pigeon gene for head crests

The same gene that creates elaborate head crests in domestic rock pigeons also makes head and neck feathers grow up instead of down in domesticated doves to give them head crests, although theirs are much simpler and caused by a different mutation, University of Utah researchers found. Read More

The University of Utah

U recognizes 275 west Salt Lake college graduates

University Neighborhood Partners at the University of Utah celebrates the college graduation of nearly 300 west Salt Lake residents at its first Partners in the Park event June 23, 6 p.m., at Jordan Park, 1060 S. 900 West. Read More