Yellowstone coverage list 2

Continued from list 1. This page includes 901-1000 of the search from mid Sunday back into Friday, then a list of foreign coverage, then a hotlinked list of coverage from Thursday into Friday:   901-1,000 Huge magma chamber spied under Yellowstone supervolcano WHLT22-Apr 24, 2015 … known chamber above it, according to imaging by researchers at the University of Utah. Read More

April, 2015 from the U

Yellowstone coverage list part 1

The following list, updated as of 11 a.m. MDT, Sunday, April 24, lists results of a Google News search showing more than 1,000 news outlets that ran stories on the Yellowstone magma reservoir study by U seismologists Hsin-Hua Huang, Fan-Ch-Lin, Jamie Farrell and Bob Smith. Many of the more recent uses of the story incluce hundreds of uses Read More

Hsin-Hua Huang, University of Utah

Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma

April 23, 2015 – University of Utah seismologists discovered and made images of a reservoir of hot, partly molten rock 12 to 28 miles beneath the Yellowstone supervolcano, and it is 4.4 times larger than the shallower, long-known magma chamber. The hot rock in the newly discovered, deeper magma reservoir would fill the 1,000-cubic-mile Grand Read More

A University of Utah team won  big at business plan competition at Rice University earlier this month.

University of Utah student innovators rake in big bucks at Rice University business competition

(April 23, 2015) —A medical innovation company founded by a team of University of Utah students won big — to the tune of $153,000 — at the prestigious Rice University Business Plan Competition held April 16-18 in Houston. Launched by a team of bioengineering and medical students at the University of Utah’s 2012 Bench-2-Bedside competition, Read More

The University of Utah

U named ‘Tree Campus USA’

The University of Utah recently received Tree Campus USA recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation, which honors colleges and universities for effective urban forest management and for engaging staff and students in conservation goals. Read More