Women are Focus of U Enrollment Initiative

As the University of Utah works to expand its commitment to helping underserved students succeed at the U, a new initiative has begun to recruit, retain and graduate more women students. Read More

October, 2014 from the U
Kent Greenfield

Should Corporations Be Treated As People Under the U.S. Constitution?

What constitutional rights should be afforded to corporations? Supporters of corporate personhood argue that corporations are organizations of people, and therefore, should not be deprived of their rights under the U.S. Constitution. Opponents counter that the doctrine of corporate personhood allows corporations to wield undue financial influence in elections and is contrary to the intent of the 14th Amendment. Read More


Deadline Extended for Largest Community Solar Program in Utah

The University of Utah is extending the deadline for its community solar program to Oct. 24, 2014. The program offers U community members, including faculty, staff, students, alumni and campus guests, the opportunity to purchase discounted rooftop solar panels and installation for their homes. Read More