A Hotspot for Powerful Cosmic Rays

An observatory run by the University of Utah found a “hotspot” beneath the Big Dipper emitting a disproportionate number of the highest-energy cosmic rays. The discovery moves physics another step toward identifying the mysterious sources of the most energetic particles in the universe. Read More

July, 2014 from the U
Red Butte Garden

Survey Shows Utahns Have Extraordinary Participation Rate in Outdoor Recreation

As many Utah citizens are getting ready to enjoy the state’s mountain trails and reservoirs for July 4, a new survey shows the majority of Utahns participate in outdoor recreation at least once a week, and nearly 90 percent of them say outdoor recreation is very important to them. Read More


Light Rail Reduces Auto, Gasoline Use and CO2 Emissions

For the first time, researchers have shown that installing light rail on an existing traffic corridor not only gets people out of their cars, but reduces congestion and air pollution. In the study, planners at the University of Utah measured impacts of a new light rail line in Salt Lake City (University Line) on an existing major thoroughfare (400/500 South). Their analysis showed that traffic near the University has fallen to levels not seen since the 1980s, even as the number of students, faculty and staff at the U has increased, and the commercial district along the corridor has expanded.
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Spafford Chair Jane Dyer

Project Will Help New American Moms Deliver Healthier Babies

Imagine giving birth in a country where you don’t speak the language. You have no close family or friends by your side and the medical practices are uncomfortably foreign. These experiences are not uncommon among African refugee women in Salt Lake City, but a new research project based at the University of Utah hopes to change that. Read More