U Chamber Choir Brings Home International Prize

The University of Utah Chamber Choir bested choral groups from around the world to win first place in the prestigious Florilège Vocal de Tours held in Tours, France, May 30 to June 1. Read More

June, 2014 from the U

U Finance prof Scott Schaefer hits the road to learn valuable business lessons for new book, released today

It’s an intriguing premise for a book: Pack three economist buddies into a car for a cross-country road trip to explore how small businesses function in far-flung locales, and extract some lessons valuable to all manner of executives and entrepreneurs in the process. Read More


Boosting Solar Cell Efficiency

University of Utah electrical engineers have designed a thin layer made of a transparent plastic or glass that sorts and concentrates sunlight to boost the overall efficiency of solar cells by up to 50 percent. This layer, called a polychromat, can be integrated into the cover glass of a solar panel. It could also be used to boost power efficiency in a cellphone or improve low light conditions for a camera. Read More


Facing a Violent Past

What contributed to the evolution of faces in the ape-like ancestors of humans? The prehistoric version of a bar fight—over women, resources and other slug-worthy disagreements, new research from the University of Utah scheduled for publication in the journal Biological Reviews on June 9 suggests.
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Silent mutations speak up

So-called silent DNA mutations earned their title because, according to the fundamental rules of biology, they should be inconsequential. Reported on June 5 in PLOS Genetics online (, University of Utah researchers experimentally proved there are frequent exceptions to the rule. The work was conducted in the bacteria, Salmonella enterica, used to study basic biological mechanisms that are often conserved in humans. Read More