U Honors State’s Social Justice Advocates

On Friday, April 4, the University of Utah College of Social Work will celebrate the work of four of Utah’s social justice advocates and activists with the Moving It Forward Social Justice Awards. Read More

March, 2014 from the U

Utahns Believe High Quality Workforce Responsible for Economic Growth

Results of a recent statewide poll indicate a significant percentage of Utahns view the high-quality labor force as the single greatest driver of state growth, while many believe that low levels of funding for public education pose the greatest threat to Utah’s future economy. Read More


U Professor Honored for Establishing Physical Education Program for Children with Disabilities

Hester Henderson, associate professor of exercise and sports science will receive the University of Utah’s Distinguished Faculty Service Award for creating a student-led program for children with disabilities and their families. Henderson will be honored with other annual awardees at the Bennion Center’s Community Engaged Recognition Luncheon, March 27, noon in the Ray Olpin University Union. Read More

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U Commemorates Holocaust

The University of Utah honors victims of the Holocaust with its annual Days of Remembrance commemoration March 31 through April 2. This year’s theme, “U Remembers,” focuses on communal memory – how people collectively look back at events through memorials, artwork, museums and other actions. Read More


U Ethics Club Welcomes Desert Tech Owner Nicholas Young

Sometimes doing the right thing is not the same as doing the most profitable thing for your company. Those kinds of ethical quandaries can be even more difficult for smaller companies or startups hoping to get a foothold in an industry. Read More