2013 Great Year At Imagine U

The University of Utah rolled out a new marketing campaign on New Year’s Day 2013, and over the past 12 months, the U has proven that “step one: imagine, step two: do” is much more than a tagline. Below are just a few of the major accomplishments from 2013 that demonstrate that all things are possible at a place we call “Imagine U:” Read More

December, 2013 from the U

Greenland Ice Stores Liquid Water Year-Round

Researchers at the University of Utah have discovered a new aquifer in the Greenland Ice Sheet that holds liquid water all year long in the otherwise perpetually frozen winter landscape. The aquifer is extensive, covering 27,000 square miles. Read More


A Roly-Poly Pika Gathers Much Moss

In some mountain ranges, Earth’s warming climate is driving rabbit relatives known as pikas to higher elevations or wiping them out. But University of Utah biologists discovered that roly-poly pikas living in rockslides near sea level in Oregon can survive hot weather by eating more moss than any other mammal. Read More

O'Mara10 12

Media Veteran Maria O’Mara Joins U Communications Team

Maria O’Mara is the new communications director and primary media spokesperson for the University of Utah, effective December 18. Read More


Mole Crowdsourcing: There Could be an App for That

Have you ever had a strange mole on your body and wondered if it was skin cancer? The best move is to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, but many wait without realizing they could be dealing with melanoma. Read More