Native Californians Followed the Greenery

California’s rich diversity of Native American ethnic-and-language groups took shape during the past 12,000 years as migrating tribes settled first on the lush Pacific coast and then in progressively drier, less-vegetated habitats, says a new University of Utah study. Read More

August, 2013 from the U
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Utah Autism Foundation Donates $50K for U Project

The iSTAR project, a unique effort at the University of Utah that teaches kids on the autism spectrum how to use computer software to help them develop professional and social skills, received a $50,000 donation from the Utah Autism Foundation to develop and expand the initiative. Read More


University of Utah Introduces Redesigned Responsive Website

After months of collaboration between the University Marketing and Communications Office and University Information Technology, the University of Utah launched a redesigned website,, just in time for the 2013-14 academic year. Read More

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University of Utah Offers New Course Exploring the Unique Literary Qualities of The Book of Mormon

The University of Utah introduces a new course for fall 2013 focusing on the unique literary qualities of the Book of Mormon. For the first time, the Book of Mormon will be analyzed for a full semester in an academic context. Read More

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University of Utah Ramps Up Sidewalk Safety Efforts

University of Utah’s Board of Trustees approved changes today to a policy that enhances safety for pedestrians across campus. The changes aim to make sidewalks safer by increasing fines and other consequences for safety violations, such as speeding or not yielding to pedestrians. Read More