New Studies from the U’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research Illustrate Need for Comprehensive Community Data

Two new studies by University of Utah analysts at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research illustrate the importance of the work conducted by the recently launched Utah Community Data Project for policy, planning, and community investment. Read More

July, 2013 from the U
Nasutoceratops compressed

Big-Nosed, Long-Horned Dinosaur Discovered in Utah

A remarkable new species of horned dinosaur has been unearthed in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, southern Utah. The huge plant-eater inhabited Laramidia, a landmass formed when a shallow sea flooded the central region of North America, isolating western and eastern portions for millions of years during the Late Cretaceous Period. The newly discovered dinosaur, belonging to the same family as the famous Triceratops, was announced today in the British scientific journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Read More


Develop Unique Talents through Lifelong Learning’s 10-class Challenge

Have you ever considered bee keeping, making your own cheese, playing African drums or reading the Tarot? For those interested in learning something new, the University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program will accept applications for one person to complete 10 courses for free this fall in exchange for writing about his or her experience. Read More


Exhibition Illuminates Rich History of River Running

If you’ve ever taken a river trip and fallen in love with the experience, you will especially appreciate the “Rivers and Dams of the Colorado Plateau,” an exhibition featuring materials from the Utah River Running Archives at the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library. The public is welcome to attend an opening reception and speaking event on Tuesday, July 16, and the exhibition, which will be on display until September 1. Read More


University of Utah Strengthens Oversight of Student Athlete Complaints

University of Utah President David Pershing today announced new measures to ensure student athletes have multiple outlets to report inappropriate behavior. Pershing acted after an independent investigation revealed deficiencies in the current system. Read More