U Re-enlists with Astronomy Project

University of Utah astronomers will participate in a six-year project to study the formation of our Milky Way galaxy; map stars, gas and supermassive black holes in 10,000 neighbor galaxies; and chart 1 million galaxies and quasars to learn about mysterious “dark energy” that makes the universe expand. Read More

June, 2013 from the U

University of Utah Names Dean for Marriott Library

The University of Utah has named Alberta Davis Comer as dean and director of the J. Willard Marriott Library and University Librarian effective August 19, 2013. Read More


Study Shows Money Cues Can Trigger Unethical Behavior

The word “money” triggers a slew of negative connotations, often including corruption, greed, power, and, most dramatically, the “root of all evil.” But while we often associate money and vice, can the mere allusion to it make a person more likely to act or even intend to act unethically? According to a recent set of four studies conducted by researchers at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, the answer is yes. Read More


U Team Gets Cash for Hydrogen Power ‘Long Shot’

University of Utah chemist Michael Bartl and physicist Jordan Gerton each were granted $125,000 to conduct research aimed at producing hydrogen fuel from solar energy. Read More


Imagine U Television Ads Capture Two Telly Awards

The University of Utah’s Imagine U branding campaign is making its mark in the world of television as two commercial spots are recognized with the prestigious Telly Award. Read More