Clear Cell Sarcoma

Genetically Engineered Mouse Opens Better Understanding of Rare, Aggressive Cancer

Geneticists led by University of Utah Nobel Prize Laureate Mario R. Capecchi, Ph.D., have engineered mice that develop clear cell sarcoma (CCS), a significant step in better understanding how this rare and deadly soft tissue cancer arises. The mouse model also can potentially speed the development of drugs to target genes that must be activated for the cancer to form. Read More

February, 2013 from the U

Innovative Symposium Looks for Creativity and Beauty in Sustainability

The University of Utah Office of Sustainability will celebrate the university’s commitment to sound environmental practices from Tuesday, Feb. 19 through Friday, Feb. 22 during the 2013 Focus the U on Sustainability events. Highlights include a sustainability teach-in and a documentary screening, with the featured presentation “Innovative Sustainability Symposium” on Feb. 21. All events are free and open to the public. Read More


Banff Film Festival Showcases Outdoor Adventure

You don’t have to leave Utah to meet people from around the world, experience the exhilaration of climbing exotic cliffs in a remote Chinese province or skiing in the high peaks of Afghanistan. All you have to do is come to the 2012-2013 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the University of Utah. Read More


The Deep Roots of Catastrophe

A University of Utah seismologist analyzed seismic waves that bombarded Earth’s core, and believes he got a look at the earliest roots of Earth’s most cataclysmic kind of volcanic eruption. But don’t worry. He says it won’t happen for perhaps 200 million years. Read More

mayors symposium

Taking A Fresh Look At Salt Lake’s University District

The Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office and the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah are again bringing together a host of interested people to uncover new ways of using city treasures that have been “hidden in plain sight.” Read More