Frontiers of Science Lecture Series: Particle Smashers, Higgs Hunters, and the Fundamental Theory of Nature

University of Utah physicist Pearl Sandick will discuss “Particle Smashers, Higgs Hunters and the Fundamental Theory of Nature” during the next talk in the Frontiers of Science Lecture Series. Read More

November, 2012 from the U

American Academy in Berlin Names U Professor as Fellow

The American Academy in Berlin has announced that Lance Olsen, professor of literature & creative writing for the University of Utah’s Department of English in the College of Humanities, is a recipient of its Berlin Prize fellowship for the spring 2013 term. Read More


U Students Win Supercomputing Competition

Students from the University of Utah’s School of Computing won a competition to build and run a small supercomputer cluster —a high-performance network of computers used to perform intensive calculations for complex data sets such as weather forecasts or nuclear fusion. Read More


How Insects Domesticate Bacteria

Two years ago, a 71-year-old Indiana man impaled his hand on a branch after cutting down a dead crab apple tree, causing an infection that led University of Utah scientists to discover a new bacterium and solve a mystery about how bacteria came to live inside insects. Read More


U Electrical Engineer Turns Brain Implant Research into Products

University of Utah electrical engineering professor Florian Solzbacher is helping turn science fiction into reality through his research and related startup companies. Solzbacher is pushing the boundaries of electrical devices that can be implanted into the brain and used as an interface between neurons and computers. If you’re thinking about the “Six Million Dollar Man,” you’re not entirely off base. Read More