Birds May Spread, Not Halt, Fever-Bearing Ticks

Turkey raises and releases thousands of non-native guineafowl to eat ticks that carry the deadly Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus. Yet research suggests guineafowl eat few ticks, but carry the parasites on their feathers, possibly spreading the disease they were meant to stop, says a Turkish biologist working at the University of Utah. Read More

November, 2012 from the U

How Infidelity Helps Nieces and Nephews

A University of Utah study produced new mathematical support for a theory that explains why men in some cultures often feed and care for their sisters’ children: where extramarital sex is common and accepted, a man’s genes are more likely to be passed on by their sister’s kids than by their wife’s kids. Read More


Reverend Jesse L. Jackson To Give Keynote Address at U’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Week

The University of Utah will present its 29th annual weeklong celebration of the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., Jan. 19 – 24. A keynote address by civil rights activist and author Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. will take place Thursday, Jan. 24 at noon at the Jon M. Huntsman Center on the University of Utah campus. Read More


U Launches New Admissions Process

The University of Utah today announced an addition to its admissions process that makes it possible for newly accepted freshmen and transfer students to defer enrollment for a maximum of seven consecutive semesters. The process will go into effect for the fall semester of 2013. Read More

Death of Politics?

If you were looking to recent political campaigns for meaningful discussions about the serious issues confronting the country, you likely came away disappointed. The University of Utah is hosting a conference—free and open to the public—to stimulate the vital deliberations that did not happen. Read More